Virtù Equity is a private equity group investing in Low Middle Market companies which demonstrate a disruptive potential when exposed to Innovation and to Effective Management. Our hands-on approach using creativity and flexibility enable us to be the best at what we do. The focus is on North American companies with worldwide presence or with potential for international expansion, especially to China. We invest in solid brands with the objective of further expansion into new categories, new channels, and into inorganic growth. A successful investment must combine an exciting existing team from invested companies with the strong operational expertise Virtù Equity brings. The criteria we use to evaluate potential targets are:
Companies with revenue ranging from $10M to $40M
Operating with a NOPAT over $1M
Upsides able to provide ROI above 20%
Open to new professional management
Stable on core capabilities to ensure business continuity
Strong values to attract top talent
Suitable to become a platform for further M&A expansion
Competitive advantage to ensure differentiation

Current portfolio

Kerotin was founded in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and launched in 2016 as a direct-to consumer brand focused on hair treatments with supplements, shampoo, conditioner and masques, among other products. With nearly a half-million followers on social media, Kerotin sells its products globally, and in only two years has joined the top-five best-selling hair growth treatment brands. A relevant indicator of Kerotin’s market success is its returning customer rate, which represents about 40 percent of revenues in a company growing at a rate of 50 percent year over year.
Founded in Atlanta, Nutracap Labs launched in 2017 as a supplement and vitamin contract manufacturer focused on emerging brands looking for customized formulations and wellness solutions. With more than one thousand active clients, Nutracap develops and provides custom solutions to clients domestically and internationally. The main competitive advantages are the R&D capabilities and the manufacturing flexibility to serve emerging brands, regardless of their size.
e-volving brands is a global ecommerce-first consumer products platform dedicated to the development of emerging brands in Beauty and Wellness. The company launches and develops purpose-driven and niche brands in the Hair, Skin, and Wellness segments. The strong capabilities in digital marketing and in business development combined with the significant synergy among these segments are the underlying foundation of e-volving brands.