Our Brand

According to The Prince from Machiavelli (1513), “A prudent leader, however, will be able to anticipate problems long before they actually arise, using virtù to forestall what would otherwise be great difficulties.”More on: http://www.philosophypages.com/hy/3v.htmAnother way to explain our brand is “Virtù is that parcel of success that does not rely on coincidence or luck.”

Our partners

Partners of Virtù are top performing professionals with expertise in diverse industries such as financial markets, consumer product goods, strategy consulting, automotive, home appliances, food and beverage, hospitality, among others. This expertise is the most valuable investment we bring to our projects, and besides ensuring performance it helps to develop new high performing leaders within our invested companies and clients.

Our Origin

The first investment done by Virtù happened in 2009 in the women’s accessories segment. Our strategy was to grow a strong brand into new markets, & to improve margins by increasing average customer value & conversion. During the tenure of this first investment we achieved an outstanding yearly rate of return of 36%. This early success motivated Virtù to keep on searching for opportunities and finding new ways to do what it does best – business development.

Our Principles

We believe that success happens when preparation and perseverance conspire until it can grab an opportunity.Success is not inherited; success does not just happen. It needs to be chased; it needs to be fought for. To succeed, we operate by the following principles:
1. Faith: More than defining who you are, it will define who you will be.2. Sweat: Yes, life is hard. So do your best and make it happen.3. Blood: It is not for free. Making dreams come true will require sacrifices.